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Ness has vast experience in software development and strategic digital services for a wide range of industries, including the following:

Financial Services

Our Financial Services clients grow their client base, increase customer retention and reduce business risk with online experiences that differentiate them from the crowd and platforms that accelerate time-to-compliance.

Providing financial services customers with a consistent and compelling digital experience across all channels—with seamless access to financial products and services where, when and how they want to bank—has become expected to maintain customer mindshare. At the same time, we know financial institutions are under enormous pressure to meet regulatory compliance and security requirements.

Ness helps financial services organizations define and develop innovative platforms that generate new revenue opportunities and reduce risk. Ness helps clients with strategic digital services and:

  • Envision and build effective omnichannel solutions for financial sector (e.g. across branches, online, social, video, wearables) that increase customer retention rates
  • Create Proofs of Concept to test the potential of new revenue streams
  • Develop flexible, scalable products and platforms that increase speed to market
  • Turn data into actionable insights and monetization opportunities that provide new paths to revenue growth and increase user satisfaction
  • Modernize legacy platforms to meet new regulations and provide flexibility to adapt as requirements change

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Travel & Transportation

Ness works with travel and transportation firms to create compelling customer experiences for the connected traveler.

In the digital era, companies need to deliver engaging customer experiences—each and every time—to maintain consumer mindshare and grow their business. This customer experience must provide a Connected Journey: one that is omnichannel, easy to consume, enjoyable to take part in, and highly adaptable to accommodate new capabilities that surprise and delight customers and keep them coming back for more.

Ness works closely with Travel & Transportation clients to get new products to market faster, employ data analytics to identify higher-margin, add-on services, and create engaging user experiences. For example, we help our clients:

  • Conduct customer journey mapping, validated through user testing
  • Create an omnichannel framework that facilitates a seamless and consistent cross-channel experience
  • Apply innovative user experience design to develop a customer experience that truly differentiates the brand
  • Expand their partner ecosystem and revenue potential through APIs
  • Monetize data
  • Build loyalty programs to increase customer retention

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Software Vendors & High Tech

Software and technology companies engage Ness for its strong UX design and product engineering expertise to accelerate their time to market, improve software quality, and modernize their solutions.

With the faster pace set by the digital economy, software and technology vendors need to adapt their solutions more quickly to protect current revenue streams, while investing in new products that fuel future growth. Companies that are more agile and can respond swiftly to the market are more likely to retain customers and expand their businesses.

Over the years, Ness has developed highly-collaborative, long-term relationships with many software and high tech vendors who want a partner who can help them maintain the value and relevance of existing products while building next-generation solutions. Ness can:

  • Apply Adaptive agile expertise, integrated tools and comprehensive governance to significantly accelerate release cycles
  • Help vendors modernize their software solutions to leverage the cloud, enhance the user interface, adapt to mobile environments, and support ongoing release management
  • Reduce code complexity and technical debt to increase maintainability and minimize costs
  • Help improve software quality and reduce development timeframes though test automation, performance testing, and specialized testing services

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Education Technology & Publishing

Ness is trusted by the most dynamic and largest education services companies to create and manage their learning and Assessment platforms.

The pace of education innovation is accelerating and the need to create personalized content for individual student needs is becoming an essential component of learning platforms. Educators are employing a wider variety of methods, such as social learning, educational gaming, and learning analytics, to improve student outcomes. Education Technology & Publishing providers need to be at the forefront of these trends to participate in the market opportunity.

With over a decade of experience developing, testing, and managing some of the most innovative, online learning and assessment platforms, Ness helps clients with:

  • User experience design & Proof of Concept development
  • Product engineering for Learning Management, Augmented Learning, and Content Management systems
  • Legacy platform modernization
  • Behavioral analysis for content optimization
  • Learning analytics, reports and real-time dashboards
  • Mobile application development
  • Software quality & accessibility testing

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Payment Processing

Companies in the payments industry work with Ness to build, modernize, and expand their platforms to increase market share and mitigate risk.

The electronic payments industry continues to grow rapidly, and payment processing providers need the ability to quickly adapt their payments value chain to stay competitive. Modernizing platforms, creating intuitive interfaces, providing services across multiple channels, and tapping into the insights and monetization opportunities offered by Big Data are all initiatives payments organizations have in motion. Meeting strict security requirements is always critical.

Ness Digital Engineering is a trusted partner to companies that operate across all facets of the payments processing value chain. With software engineers who have extensive knowledge in payment protocols, UI/UX design, and data analytics, Ness helps payments organizations:

  • Modernize platforms and develop applications that generate new revenue streams
  • Make Big Data actionable to gain insight into buyer behavior, reduce payment risks, and monetize data assets
  • Develop compelling and seamless user experiences that work across devices
    Increase platform flexibility and scalability to reach a broader customer base
  • Offer value-added services by developing solutions that support loyalty programs and integration with partner programs through APIs

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Media & Entertainment

Ness helps media and entertainment companies create high-impact customer experiences and generate more value from content.

The pervasiveness of digital content provides major business opportunities, though not without challenges. Many organizations need to modernize their platforms to keep up with the complexities of rights, royalty, and contract management and to capitalize on new monetization options presented by their content and the data about that content. Success is also increasingly dependent on how effectively media and entertainment is delivered across multiple channels.

Ness helps media and entertainment clients develop, manage, and enhance publishing and rights/royalty management solutions, media back office systems, contract management systems, video on demand, and more to provide solutions that ignite corporate growth. We help clients:

  • Modernize platforms to create a wider market reach and streamline operations
  • Develop engaging mobile and omnichannel user experiences
  • Use Big Data to personalize the user experience and to generate new revenue streams from data assets
  • Expand their partner and content ecosystems through the use of APIs
  • Shorten time to market with well-engineered solutions that embrace users and keep them coming back for more

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Retail & Consumer Goods

Our clients in Retail and Consumer Goods expand their customer base, increase consumer loyalty and reduce business risk with compelling digital experiences that distinguish them from the competition.

Providing retail customers with a consistent digital experience across all channels has become a necessity. Consumers expect seamless access to products and services where and when they want — whether via mobile, in-store, wearables, or other connected devices. Innovative retailers need to be able to quickly react to game-changing trends to remain competitive in the digital world.

Ness helps retailers assess their competitive digital landscape, envision differentiating platforms, and build solutions they can get to market quickly. With experience across the retail ecosystem, Ness helps clients with their digital transformation, including:

  • Conducting customer journey mapping
  • Envisioning and building complete omnichannel solutions (e.g. in-store, online, mobile, social, wearables) from initial consumer touch point to sale, payment processing, and post-sales interactions that maximize revenue
  • Creating Proofs of Concept to test the growth potential of new products, markets, and channels
  • Developing scalable, future-proofed products and platforms that facilitate speed to market
  • Building loyalty programs to increase customer retention
  • Using Big Data to personalize the consumer experience and generate new revenue streams from data assets

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