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​​​​​​​​In the new platform driven world, organizations need a critical mindset that focuses on continuously improving the customer experience. Part of this approach is about culture, part is about technology. All of it is addressed by the implementation of the Ness Adaptive Agile framework.​

Ness puts methodology, tools and metrics in place to improve engineering effectiveness and make collaborative governance possible – once we have a firm understanding of your business objectives.
Ness uses this adaptive agile development methodology to most effectively increase speed-to-value and deliver more frequent releases for your business. There is a culture of continuous product innovation in parallel with ongoing product maintenance; agile brings greater predictability, productivity and product quality​.

Adaptive agile expertise, integrated tools and comprehensive governance

  • Agile Methodology: For over 16 years Ness has developed a proprietary Adaptive Agile implementation process to align distributed teams with business objectives. We create a collaborative culture that flattens hierarchy, promotes responsibility, and focuses on the continuous release of working, reusable software products.
  • Agile Tool Stacks: The NessSMART platform combines best-of-breed tools, practices and workflows that span every area of the development process allowing designers and engineers to quickly iterate in a common, vendor-neutral environment.
  • Integrated Tool-Chain & Dashboards: A hand-selected and tightly threaded set of development tools provides instantaneous status updates and a “single view of truth”. Centralized dashboards with role-based views of data from every tool and every team, measure progress and identify challenges as early as possible.
  • Process, Technical & Quality Metrics: Together we identify metrics that best apply to your business objectives and product maturity, and then create a comprehensive program that gives you a detailed picture of development effectiveness and drives continuous improvement of your organization.

Applying Agile Practices to the Business – featuring Forrester Research

Ness brings Adaptive Agile delivery thinking into everything we do within User Experience Design, Product and Platform Development and Data Analytics. Our clients value the speed of an iterative roadmap to get to minimum viable products (MVPs), using a rigorous methodology and constant feedback throughout the process. Ness was also an early adopter of Distributive Agile, which enables us to provide the best engineering talent from around the globe. Agile methodology and transparency are at the core of the culture of innovation that defines our customer journey and how we build co-branded customer teams for successful long-term software collaboration.

“Clients were impressed with Ness employees’ ability to grasp their unique Agile development methodology requirements quickly and seamlessly.” Forrester

* Source: The Forrester Wave™: Digital Platform Engineering Services, Q2 2016

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