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Why It’s Worth Overcoming the Complexities of IoT— featuring Forrester Research

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to be a hot, evolving space that many companies want to become involved in, but don’t fully understand. Because it is not a singular “thing”, IoT can be complicated because there are so many different ways to interpret it and apply the insightful information that it can provide. IoT is more of a “framework” that can be immensely different depending on how it is used. One of the additional challenges that make IoT so complex is that there are various stakeholders involved that can potentially benefit from IoT-driven intelligence. Common departments span across the company commonly including IT, Manufacturing, Finance, Marketing Operations, and Facilities.

Is it worth overcoming these complexities? Here’s a Ness video featuring Frank Gillett, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, who discusses why it’s worth trying to structure IoT into an easier and straightforward process. “What I tell people is, it’s really helpful to simplify IoT down to something you can explain to your mother…” says Gillett. In this video, he also points out three important value props that IoT provides — that either wasn’t possible before or were too expensive.