Why 58 percent of tech leaders are unprepared to handle IIoT Data?

While there is ever-increasing adoption of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) among industries today, the biggest question is if industrial tech leaders are prepared to handle the huge amounts of data that are generated by IIoT technology.

Moshe Kranc, CTO of Ness Digital Engineering, has been featured in ZDNet in the article, “CIO Jury: Why 58 percent of tech leaders are unprepared to handle IIoT data.” Moshe shares his thoughts on what organizations need to be able to collect and to correctly process Industrial IoT data.

“Many organizations lack data governance processes needed to ensure the quality of collected data, as well as the in-house skills to create a system to process near real-time streaming big data, or data scientists who can extract insights from this information,” said Moshe.

Click to read the article: https://www.ness.com/cio-jury-why-58-percent-of-tech-leaders-are-unprepared-to-handle-iiot-data/

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