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What’s on Your Digital Retail Road Map?

Digital Retail Road Map

The retail industry is currently at the forefront of massive business and tech disruptions. Retail organizations are facing a new generation of tech savvy customers that has instant access to information and demands unparalleled customer experiences, irrespective of location and mode of shopping.

On the other side, consider the intensifying competition in the retail landscape with both online and in-store organizations upping the ante in terms of customer experience with strategic investments in technologies like data analytics, mobile and artificial intelligence. Retail is clearly heading on a disruptive path.

So, what’s the way ahead for retail? How can retail companies navigate the digital disruptions to find the way to superior customer experiences? In this article published by Total Retail, James M A Williams, Ness, Director, Digital Services, discusses how retailers can stay on top of the fast changing trends and look ahead at building a digital road map.

Read more – http://www.mytotalretail.com/article/enhancing-customer-experience-and-increasing-margins