Balancing Cloud Speed and Business Goals with FinOps

Webinar Description

We conducted a webinar on Balancing Cloud Spend and Business Goals with FinOps on 3rd Aug 2023 from 12:00 to 01:00 PM ET.
The session delves deep into the intricate realm of FinOps (Financial Operations), an empowering approach that enables organizations to optimize their cloud investments while staying in sync with strategic goals.

Discover a game-changing approach to cloud management in a session that will redefine your perspective on cloud strategy. Thought leaders from the industry will lead the event and offer actionable insights that will transform how you navigate the world of cloud technology.

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Highlights of the Webinar:
  • Mastering Cloud Migration Challenges: Gain profound insights into the common hurdles faced during cloud migration and acquire effective strategies to overcome them.
  • Real-Life Use Cases: Embark on a journey through practical scenarios, and uncover a spectrum of potent AWS Tools meticulously designed to gauge, manage, and optimize your cloud assets.
  • Decoding the FinOps Framework: Explore the core of the FinOps Framework and unearth its potential to revolutionize your financial management strategies.
  • Assessment and Enhancement: Discover the art of assessing your FinOps maturity and devising a strategic roadmap for continuous enhancement, leading to heightened operational efficiency.
  • Ness's Real-World Approach: Immerse yourself in real-world case studies that epitomize Ness Digital Engineering's triumphant implementation of FinOps principles, providing tangible insights and guidance.

About the Speakers

Scott Kellish – Sr. Solution Architect
Cloud Operations at AWS

Subir Grewal – Global Head of AWS
Practice at Ness Digital Engineering

Tara Ronel – Client Engagement
Manager at Ness Digital Engineering

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