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Video: Extreme Personalization – The Digital Transformation of the Enterprise

Digital Transformation of the enterprise is not new and the trend to enhance a company’s digital experience has been evolving across industries for many years and is, inherently, an iterative process. The progress that your company has made in its digital transformation may vary – but the importance to keep listening, experimenting and improving is the key to future success.

The ability to enrich the digital experience and make it more meaningful and impactful is increasingly critical. “Extreme Personalization” is a deep understanding of the customer’s digital journey and delivering it results in a frictionless and exceptional personal experience which helps retain and attract customers.

Watch this SBI TV interview with Ness Chief Digital Officer, Mark Lister, to hear a new world view around the emerging digital experience trends on topics including:

  • How to make a digital experience a competitive differentiator
  • Importance of being a “data whisperer” – listening and understanding your data
  • Artificial Intelligence – 3 things you need for success
  • How to get a sales leader engaged in a digital initiative

Mark Lister demonstrates a deep understanding from his experience of helping multiple Ness clients continually evolve their digital presence with digital services, user experience design and data analytics.