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Value of Experience Design for Customer and Employee facing Applications – featuring Forrester Research

Why is experience design important for employee facing applications as well as customer facing applications? Here’s a Ness video featuring Amanda LeClair, Forrester Analyst at Forrester Research, who briefs about why both customer and employee-facing application are essential.

The topic of employee experience has really started to pop like the topic of customer experience did 4 or 5 years ago. Part of the reason it’s important to think of applying experience design to internal and employee facing application is because our expectations for what creates and makes a great digital experience doesn’t change by time nor day. “We really have the same expectation for a seamless and intuitive type of digital experience whether we are at work or at home. And that really depends on the type of technology that we use…,” states Amanda. When employees are working, they expect and appreciate an interface and digital process that is intuitive and that helps them do their job. It’s important that firms think about applying concepts like experience design to their employee-facing applications and to move from being process-centric to employee-centric.