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Using Rich Content to Thrive in the Digital Era

Using Rich Content to Thrive in the Digital Era

The Digital Era has fueled the proliferation of rich content. Viewers are taking advantage of unprecedented levels of content access, as companies create new business models to leverage the economic and brand power of their content.

A well-known company in the Media & Entertainment (M&E) sector has been highly successful at turning content into revenue.

Operating in the aggressive global M&E landscape, the company needed to accelerate its capability to take in, catalog, and distribute content to capitalize on new revenue opportunities. Scaling the business required building robust and innovative solutions in content mapping & optimization, content editing & management and content tracking & quality.

Banner-Ad-for-Blog-page-1--Digital-ServicesThe company partnered with Ness to develop multiple, high-performance solutions, including:

  • A rigorous tools mapping platform for integrating data with the M&E company’s other mapping partners. Ness mapped metadata for films and television shows at different levels depending on the quality of information. The mappings were done at the main Project level, the Episode level (in case of television shows) and the tool acted as a bridge to connect data points on two different databases
  • A comprehensive, online database for streamlining and organizing the company’s film, television and digital content
  • A content tracking mechanism, which enhanced the quality / correctness of the data that was stored in the database. This increased customer confidence and aided in content syndication

With these new capabilities, the company increased the depth of its film and television coverage extensively, expanding its client base through high, double-digit growth. The company also expanded its global coverage of film from 20 territories to 50, creating sizable new revenue channels for the organization.

In the digital era, rich content can be a powerful revenue source. Companies that are successfully capitalizing on their content and data assets are thriving in the Digital Economy.

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