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Useful Insights on How IT and Business Can Work in Harmony

Useful Insights on How IT and Business Can Work in Harmony

Digital transformation demands a scenario where IT and business can work in harmony to be able to respond to new growth opportunities. The tech-business collaboration can be a great thing for modern day businesses that strive to be innovative and agile in rolling out new customer-facing and revenue generating products to the market. But in the real world, it’s often a big challenge to strike the perfect balance between the disjointed opinions and efforts of business and tech teams, and align that to the overall business goals.

In this article published by TMCnet, Moshe Kranc, CTO, Ness Digital Engineering shares some valuable insights on how tech and business teams can attain a balanced relationship or the ‘golden mean’ where the “business side innovates and the tech teams enable that in a timely and agile fashion”.

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