Transportation Agency Places Quality into High Gear by Automating Testing

Case Study

Transportation Agency Places Quality into High Gear by Automating Testing

The Challenge

A crown agency of the Canadian government specializing in transportation was expending a significant amount of effort to maintain quality across its 85+ various business-critical applications and products, ultimately impacting its time to market. The application product upgrade cycles conducted 4 to 6 times per year became a burden to the business and the users leading these long release cycles. This was compounded by multiple nonintegrated tools that lacked any testing traceability. With these manual processes leading to additional overhead, the agency needed to quickly transform its quality assurance (QA) automation practices.

The Solution

The agency partnered with Ness and looked to solve this enterprise challenge by forming two main tracks. The first track focused on benchmarking the agency’s current QA automation practices to create a blueprint of the target state automation platform by leveraging Ness’ Intelligent Engineering (IE) QA Maturity Model & Radar. This blueprint serves as a defined automation roadmap for its 85+ apps. The second track focuses on automating testing using Azure DevOps, BrowserStack, Selenium, Robot Framework, Python, and Worksoft by leveraging multiple PODs to achieve 85%+ automation of regression suite for applications, such as Oracle, Salesforce, custom apps, and legal technology platforms.

The Results

The agency expects to achieve significant improvements related to the speed and quality of testing efforts. Embracing automation will result in:

  • 80% improvement in time to market
  • 70% reduction in operational costs
  • Platform test coverage increase from 15% to 90%
  • Reduction in test efforts per cycle on average from 112 person-days to 20 person-days
  • Reduction in compressed test cycle time from 16 calendar days to 2 calendar days