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How to Achieve the Benefits of Personalization

Analyst View on Personalization

Customers increasingly expect a seamless, personalized experience when interacting with your brand. Forrester Research emphasizes the importance of articulating personalization efforts in human terms, mapped back to business objectives, and the business results will follow. (refer to the chart)

Forrester Research


Source: Forrester. Pivot To Person-First Personalization Lead With Customer Goals To Improve Customer Experience And Business Results April 6, 2017.

Top 3 Benefits of Personalization

Based on our experience helping enterprises envision and execute their customer experience roadmaps, these are the top benefits of implementing a personalization strategy:

Increased Revenue
A better understanding of customer behavior patterns increases sales conversions. The ability to make personalized recommendations with relevant offers based on customer buying patterns enables you to offer the right products to the right customers at the right time.
Stronger Customer Loyalty
Consumers prefer to do business with a company that makes their interactions more relevant. When customers have positive experiences interfacing with your brand they become increasingly satisfied and more loyal. They are less likely to go to a competitor if you are meeting or exceeding their needs.
Higher Engagement Level
A happy customer is increasingly likely to engage with you more frequently if they feel that you have insight into their likes and dislikes. Connecting with customers more effectively and with greater precision keeps them coming back and allows you to learn even more about their likes to further customize your interactions with them.

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