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The Rise and Fall of Scala

The Rise and Fall of Scala


Moshe Kranc, Chief Technology Officer, has authored an article for dzone, titled, “The Rise and Fall of Scala”. The article provides a deep-dive perspective on how Scala came about, where it succeeded, and how it’s declining. Kranc points out that even though Scala had been declared as the “next big thing” in programming languages only 5 years ago, it has found itself losing relevance.

He says, “Anecdotally, as CTO of a leading software product engineering company, I meet many software development managers, and I know of at least two who have made the painful decision to abandon Scala after more than a year of adoption. What happened? What gave Scala its initial popularity boost, and what caused its decline? Are there any use cases for which Scala is still the best choice?”

In the article, he also writes about why Scala wouldn’t evolve and become more “mainstream” (like Java), and how there are still specific use cases where Scala is such an ideal fit that it should be the programming language of choice.

Click here to read Moshe’s insight on Scala:


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