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TecHRseries Interview with Narayanan Nair


In a recent interview with TechHR Series, Chief People Officer Narayanan Nair dives into the company’s employee culture and work practices while sharing a few tips for HR leaders to follow in 2021.

Interview Highlights: 

How HR Practices Have Evolved

The pace of change overall in our organizations, economies, and our own lives has changed drastically over the last few years and it continues to accelerate every year, every week, and almost every day. This past year the myth that productivity is only ensured by having people physically present in the office was quickly debunked. Working from home has enabled employees to maintain their productivity, if not increase it, all while keeping them and their families healthy.

Top Engagement and Team Culture Initiatives

Seize the opportunity to host virtual events, this will allow you to open up to a larger audience. Also by encouraging employees to invite their families to participate in events and programs increases engagement and improves the company culture. Virtual health and wellness programs across the company are becoming more popular as well. One of our most successful initiatives is a forum that employees can participate in to solve real-time challenges for clients across the company, not just those accounts they might be placed on.

Bridging the HR Gap

There is a fine line between being entrepreneurial and process-driven that organizations need to walk as they grow. It is important to have core processes consistent across the company under a corporate wrapper, while also simultaneously empowering the teams at the unit level to implement processes as they see fit. It’s important for us to celebrate the unique capabilities that each region brings to Ness.

Tips for HR Leaders

To keep up with the fast-paced tech industry, HR professionals need to understand their business and the nature of it. What services and value does it provide customers? It is also important to understand the customer’s business, to be able to speak the same language as them and make their priorities your priorities in order to continuously deliver value. This can be accomplished through organizations and HR professionals sustaining a learning culture to deliver value for both their employees and clients.

Looking ahead to 2021

HR executives should focus on the culture they’ve built and on empowering their employees that are hungry and passionate to see change, do more, learn more, and contribute more. Every HR professional should strive to build a company culture where people are uncomfortable with the status quo and want to challenge it.

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