TASConnect Strengthens its Partnership with Ness

TASConnect and Ness association is a genuine end-to-end partnership encompassing engineering, technology and go-to-market strategy. It’s built on trust and a deep understanding of the client’s challenges. Madhivanan (Madhi) Periannan, Chief Technology Officer, joined TASConnect with over two decades of technology and digital transformation experience across Digital Banking, Payments, and Supply Chain Finance.

Designed for multinational corporates and banks’ ecosystems, TASConnect is a bank-agnostic platform which provides its clients with end-to-end automation, visibility and control of their trade and supply chains. Headquartered in Singapore, TASConnect is a wholly owned subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank and incubated through SC Ventures –the Bank’s innovation, FinTech investment and ventures arm.

Madhi recently sat down with us to discuss the evolution of the partnership and how Ness is helping solve clients’ most pressing challenges.

Can you share some anecdotes on how technology has transformed production for our readers to understand it better?

TASConnect offers our clients a SaaS platform that plugs into the client’s ERP and pulls all the required data from the ecosystem partners including buyers, suppliers and distributors into one single platform. It provides complete transparency and simplifies the complex supply chain finance program of a large organization. Without a platform like this, the client’s team would have to prepare the data manually and then work with multiple banks to process that financial request. Our platform helps organizations save time and resources, allowing them to focus on other tasks.

Our platform is also bank agnostic and allows us to scale and integrate with multiple banks at once. It brings efficiency and transparency to the process, giving the client’s internal team more time to work on other tasks. Our prescriptive analytics also help the client make enlightened decisions about how to expand their business. It informs mitigation strategies, ultimately providing tremendous ROI by achieving a faster path to revenue and cost-saving.

If there is an adjective to describe the partnership between Ness and TASConnect, what would that be?

Trust. Ness really listens to what a client asks before jumping into any solution. They take the time to understand the requirements of the client first. Then they propose a relevant solution that is appropriate and work together with the client to get it implemented.

What are the three priorities in the next three years for technology and innovation and how does Ness play a role?

Utilizing Ness’ engineering expertise and services has helped us excel in the market. Acquiring new clients and partners are our key priorities for the next year. The go-to-market strategy that we’ve partnered with Ness is critical to our success in this area. Apart from that, scalability of capacity is a priority that I see Ness playing a key role in – helping us get the right talent at the right job locations.

Ness is a full lifecycle digital engineering firm offering digital advisory through scaled engineering services. Combining our core competence in engineering with the latest in digital strategy and technology, we seamlessly manage Digital Transformation journeys from strategy through execution to help businesses thrive in the digital economy. To learn more about how a Ness partnership can benefit you or your clients, contact us here.