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Reporting Bot

How a Reporting Bot Can Simplify the User Experience for Reporting Systems

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is perhaps one of most powerful technology disruptions taking place today. One of the major components gaining value in an AI system is the Bot framework. There are quite a few Bot frameworks available in the current market, such as the Facebook Bot Engine,, and Viv (co-founded by authors of Siri). […]read more »
Men discussing around a tablet

Feature vs User Stories: A Connected Approach

If you have been working on software development using agile methods, then you must have come across the conflicting terminology that different teams seem to use, particularly around how they capture the requirements around a digital platform or product. and user stories. This conflict is epitomized in this discussion thread on this popular technical forum . As […]read more »
omnichannel strategies

Breathe New Life into Your Omnichannel Strategies

How can organizations keep their customers satisfied in the ever evolving digital economy? Any organization that has figured out how to address the needs of their customer and develops user-centered omnichannel strategies will enjoy new channels for revenue growth, new markets for their products and more. Ness’s Chief Digital Officer, Mark Lister, recently authored an […]read more »

Ensuring Learning Products Are Intelligently Developed

In the current digital economy, the educational sector is fast adapting to new technologies and creating products that are changing the way knowledge is being disseminated. Anand Subramanian, Vice President, Delivery, Ness Digital Engineering, has penned a column for edtech digest, titled “Ensuring learning products are intelligently developed”, where he provides his insight on how […]read more »

Life of FED (front-end developer) – The Evolution of Front-End Technologies, Straight from the Heart of a Front-End Developer

Front-end Web development is no longer an obscure Internet discipline. Bhavesh Vora captures the rise, fall, and the powerful comeback of front-end technologies, from a perspective of none other than a front-end developer. A few days ago, I watched Life of Pi. The key protagonist in the movie, Pi Patel, battled various odds to survive […]read more »