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6 Ways to Inspire Your Design Team

Experience designers are tasked with designing products, processes, services and environments with a focus on the quality of the user experience (UX). Typical of most mainstream designers, we’re creative-types who thrive when working on our own time and at the mercy of our “creative flow” and inspiration. The challenge we face, as most UX designers […]read more »
Design Museum

The Design Museum Reopens

Designer Maker User Exhibit The Design Museum is back, relocated to the former Commonwealth Institute building in Kensington. The rebuild, by John Pawson and OMA, took a considerable time, equaling the final result’s lauding by the press as a ‘magnificent achievement’ in its ambition and complexity. The Ness Experience Design team visited the newly opened […]read more »

User Experience Success Is a Journey of Continuous Improvement

Integrated design, development and testing processes create a systematic focus on user needs to ensure relevance and success. Steps to user experience success Integrate your processes An integrated design and delivery approach is required to create and improve the user experience across channels and prepare for future emerging channels ahead of the technical and structural challenges that […]read more »

Integration in Practice

Here at Ness Digital Engineering we take pride in creating great enterprise software. This work involves complexity in strategy, solutioning and execution. As with any complexity, integration of all these different phases is the key. To do that, we employ our unified method – Connected Ness. What differentiates the Ness process from many others is […]read more »

Microservices Architecture and Design Principles

Rajendran Balakrishnan, Senior Manager-QA, Ness Digital Engineering, and Senior Developer Chandrakanth Puvvada provide insights into the key principles to remember while designing a microservices based enterprise application. In the Enterprise application technology front we have multiple trends that are forcing application architectures to evolve. Application users expect a rich, interactive and dynamic user experience on […]read more »

Remain Relevant to the Customer by Creating a User-Centric Approach in your Digital Transformation

To create a user-centric digital transformation strategy, there needs to be a collaborative effort between Business and Technology to deliver exceptional digital experiences built with expertise and insight. Common challenges for the business A need for foresight in funding – Historically, companies have designed their digital products and channels around their go-to-market budget costs without a […]read more »

A New Approach Required to Meet User Expectations & Unleash Your Digital Potential

Transform or lose customers Companies must satisfy sophisticated digital users with multiple devices who have a familiarity with life-on-demand, whether catching a taxi with Uber or expecting next-day delivery for the most obscure orders on Amazon. The complicated processes and convoluted experiences of the past have been simplified. This simplicity has disrupted the environment many […]read more »

SXSW Interactive

This year in Austin, the sun shone and hoards of tech industry revelers hungry for knowledge, business cards and corporate sponsored parties turned up for a fast-paced BBQ fuelled SXSW. This year evidence of the digital economy becoming truly integrated into the wider economy was obvious. The practical parts of day-to-day life in retail, fashion, medical, transportation and delivery show […]read more »