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Behavior Driven Development using SpecFlow

The Problem: The test scripts in my very first automation project involved conditional statements, looping, logical, numerical, string operations and much more. Sprint by sprint the software grew more complex and often I got a feeling “aren’t our scripts becoming as complex as the developer code itself?” Despite having a well-designed hybrid automation framework, debugging […]read more »

Functional Testing and Regression Testing: Making Sense of the Terms and Tools

Functional Testing Functional testing is a process used within software development in which software is tested to ensure that it conforms with all requirements. Its focus is on validating features, database access, security and functionality of the Application under Test. It uses external interfaces, including Application programming interfaces (APIs), Graphical user interfaces (GUIs), and Command line […]read more »

Accessibility Test Automation

In this current era of digital innovation, making an application inclusive for the differently abled should be considered paramount. Global regulatory compliances for accessibility ensure that standards are followed when making applications accessible to one and all. Accessible applications obviously establish themselves firmly into the market and often have wider reach in comparison to an […]read more »

Optimize Testing and Reduce Software Testing Costs

A lot of attention is often paid to the cost of development in software, while testing and aspects related to testing tend to get ignored. The cost and time associated with software testing is often comparable and sometimes even more valuable to the time and costs that are associated with the development of software. As […]read more »

Leveraging QuerySurge for Big Data Testing

We are aware of the current testing challenges in data integration projects, where we have multiple sources and huge volume of data before any transformation or loading. Also testing a traditional transactional application is totally different when compared to testing a data warehouse. Typical ETL or data testing paradigm that comes to ones’ mind are: […]read more »

Significance of a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) in the Digital Economy

“Program testing can be used to show the presence of bugs, but never to show their absence!” – Edsger Dijkstra, Dutch computer scientist. The importance of software testing is well recognized and acknowledged. However, what to test, when to test and how to test; has kept evolving over time as we walk the progressive path […]read more »

Test Automation Tool Selection

Applications in this digital era have increasingly diverse and complex testing needs. These can cover functionality, performance, usability, mobility, security, and responsiveness to name a few.  With a plethora of automation tools available to cater to one or more needs, the process of identifying and selecting the right tool becomes a challenge. A common misconception […]read more »

Understanding State in Scala and Functional Programming

The concept of state in Scala and functional programming is an important one.  Mutable state exposed from function and API calls must be understood and managed with defensive development strategies.  Otherwise, development and testing resources will find their time taken up by side effects and other elusive defects as a result of scope misunderstanding or […]read more »