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CIO Challenges

Ness Point of View: Challenges Facing Today’s CIO

We enjoyed reading a thought-provoking article from McKinsey on improving the quality and spirit of conversation between board directors and the CIO. For those who have not read the article, it posits five key questions which will enable companies to measure corporate health in terms of digital capabilities. Credible answers to the questions are somewhat […]read more »
Lessons learned about cybersecurity

6 Relevant Lessons Learned about Cybersecurity

With the Internet recently brought to a grinding halt due to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack launched from millions of infected web-attached devices, Ness’s Chief Technology Officer, Moshe Kranc, has authored an article that discusses six very relevant lessons learned about cybersecurity. In this article published by VentureBeat, Moshe notes important insights garnered from years of […]read more »
Man using tab

Video Series Featuring Forrester, Part IV: Three Steps for Implementing IoT for the Enterprise

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to be one of the biggest technological trends in the digital world. Given that a number of applications have been re-classified as IoT apps, and that mobile phones are considered IoT devices, many organizations have already initiated some level of IoT. When organizations are looking towards implementing or expanding […]read more »
Collect, Compute, Connect, Communicate, Consolidate, Concieve

Solving Top 4 Problems on Jobsites through the IoT

In recent years the world is waking up to endless possibilities that are presented by the Internet of Things. In fact there isn’t a single industry that hasn’t been affected by IoT and Connected Things. Kuruvilla Mathew, the Chief Innovation Officer at Ness Digital Engineering, has written an article for the portal CONEXPO-CON/AGG, exploring how […]read more »

What will Artificial Intelligence Achieve Next?

Has the time come for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to officially become the master of humanity? Recently, one of the top Go players in the world, Lee Sedol, was resolutely beaten by Google’s AlphaGo, a computer that uses Artificial Intelligence. Out of the five games that were played, the program only lost out on one game. […]read more »
Big Data

Machine Learning and Data Analytics

Today many organizations collect data from their online transactions –  server logs, basket contents, user sessions and more. Much of this is collected and stored automatically, without a clear rationale as to how it will be used. The thinking being that as long as all data is collected, then one day it can be exploited […]read more »

The Evolution of the Connected Home

We have been enjoying the wonders of home automation for decades now with popular appliances such as washing machines, food processors, air conditioners, microwaves and a host of others that have improved our way of life. Many of these products have gone through multiple evolutions and generations, adding capabilities along the way. In fact, automation […]read more »

Containerization, Microservices and Orchestration Technologies Gain Speed in 2016

This year heralds a number of interesting developments in software and technology. Here’s a list of what I think will transpire in the world of Cloud, DevOps, and Agile architecture based on technologies coming down the road and what we’re talking about with Ness’s clients. There will be rapid advances around Containerization to enable greater […]read more »

Effectively Leveraging the Strengths of IT Development Based Out of India

India has really good, experienced software engineers with enormous expertise. The software industry in India has reached a point where it generates software engineering talent on an unprecedented scale. In addition, many Indian software engineers have come back from working overseas, bringing a global perspective on best practices and industry sector insights to bear. While […]read more »