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Ness Kosice triathlon start line

How Ness Kosice Developed its Own App to Address a Problem Posed by a Local Triathlon

When it comes to big races, sometimes it is impossible to have a mass start for all of the participants. This was exactly the case for the recently held Ness City Triathlon Kosice that was organized by Ness. With close to 400 participants, the organizers had to confront the reality that the pool assigned for […]read more »
Ranbir Singh

Nessian On The Job – Edition 2

NAME: Ranbir Singh JOB: Director of Global IT Applications CAREER PATH: After earning a degree in Engineering, I began working for Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) as a Software Engineer. I continued to work in software development using Java and in the EAI area before I made the transition to managing business projects.  I joined Ness in 2013.  […]read more »