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BPM Test Strategy – A Key Success Driver, Not an Afterthought

Business Process Management (BPM) platforms are an increasingly important component in today’s technology savvy enterprises. BPM provides a mechanism for orchestrating, automating and tracking core processes across an organization. This allows enterprises to optimize the way they operate. Efficient implementation of BPM strategies approach challenges from a business focused perspective while coupling together multiple back […]read more »
Ranbir Singh

Nessian On The Job – Edition 2

NAME: Ranbir Singh JOB: Director of Global IT Applications CAREER PATH: After earning a degree in Engineering, I began working for Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) as a Software Engineer. I continued to work in software development using Java and in the EAI area before I made the transition to managing business projects.  I joined Ness in 2013.  […]read more »

Product Engineering thinking can drive high-performance execution

We at Ness believe that product engineering thinking is not just a skill, but it is a culture of our organization. This culture can help organizations design smart approaches for delivering solutions based on high-performance execution. With product engineering thinking at the core, our solution delivery approach primarily focuses on customer value, the platform and […]read more »

The evolution of Product Engineering

We live in a world where ‘product engineering’ holds sway over much of our lives. But it’s not a recent phenomenon. Early adoption was years ago and primarily by large engineering companies like Sun Microsystems, Motorola, Texus Instruments etc. I remember them setting up offshore centres in Bangalore and Hyderabad to leverage the capability and […]read more »