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Extended Delivery Center Dos and Don’ts

Extended Delivery Centers (EDCs) have become prevalent as an effective way to drive velocity within delivery organizations. They have several benefits: Ability to create talent-specific cross-functional teams Ability to flex capacity Access to global talent Ability to execute multiple projects simultaneously While the use of EDCs has become prevalent, success has not been universal. We […]read more »

Immersive Technologies: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will Redefine Marketing Experiences

Today, every facet of our lives is governed by technology. With our increasing reliance on smartphones, we consistently have technology at our fingertips through all our waking moments, from ordering groceries, to booking a cab and managing our finances. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will redefine marketing experiences. Smartphone ubiquity has instigated further […]read more »

BPM Test Strategy – A Key Success Driver, Not an Afterthought

Business Process Management (BPM) platforms are an increasingly important component in today’s technology savvy enterprises. BPM provides a mechanism for orchestrating, automating and tracking core processes across an organization. This allows enterprises to optimize the way they operate. Efficient implementation of BPM strategies approach challenges from a business focused perspective while coupling together multiple back […]read more »

Product Engineering thinking can drive high-performance execution

We at Ness believe that product engineering thinking is not just a skill, but it is a culture of our organization. This culture can help organizations design smart approaches for delivering solutions based on high-performance execution. With product engineering thinking at the core, our solution delivery approach primarily focuses on customer value, the platform and […]read more »