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omnichannel strategies

Breathe New Life into Your Omnichannel Strategies

How can organizations keep their customers satisfied in the ever evolving digital economy? Any organization that has figured out how to address the needs of their customer and develops user-centered omnichannel strategies will enjoy new channels for revenue growth, new markets for their products and more. Ness’s Chief Digital Officer, Mark Lister, recently authored an […]read more »

Will “Messaging as a platform” make Facebook essential to your business?

When assessing the digital touch points you have with your customers and which investments you should make in your digital initiatives, it is impossible to ignore the Facebook behemoth that has (beyond all doubt) become the dominant social network in the West and, for many, the default way of experiencing the internet. It has enjoyed […]read more »
omnichannel strategies

5 Steps to Build an Effective Omnichannel Strategy

The Chief Digital Officer for Ness Digital Engineering, Mark Lister and the Director, Digital Practice, North America, James Williams, outline five recommended steps that companies should take to determine how they can best implement to build an effective omnichannel strategy. Step #1: Build a business case. Perform a channel assessment to determine which channels are […]read more »
omnichannel strategies

Developing an Effective Omnichannel Strategy

Companies that successfully create a seamless, omnichannel experience across engagement channels with their customers forge stronger customer relationships. In the age of the Digital Economy, it is essential that companies strive for this to stay ahead of their competition. Analyst houses such as IDC have predicted that investment of time, budget and energy into omnichannel […]read more »

Omnichannel for Financial Services – Challenges & Steps to an Effective Strategy

The Banking and Financial Services industry is frequently cited as being at the cutting edge of innovation in technology. Omnichannel is the latest in a long line of such buzzy phrases and one for which each institution must formulate a strategy to stay competitive. Views on what omnichannel actually means are diverse, and there is […]read more »