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Progressive Web Apps: Are they the app model of the future?

In today’s digitally connected world, most companies need mobile-friendly websites. Until recently, businesses had a limited number of options – each with several pros and cons. Today there’s a new trend that utilizes the technology of both mobile web browsing and mobile applications. It’s called a Progressive Web App, or PWA. Daniel Masarik, Development Lead […]read more »
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Test Automation for Mobile Applications

Ness Digital Engineering, has a record of working with its customers to create thoughtful and engaging mobile applications that thrive in the digital economy. This blog will outline an example where Ness was able to successfully help a customer select an automated testing tool for a mobile application. Manual testing of mobile applications, (since the […]read more »

Progressive Web Apps – The New Future of Mobile Apps?

Mobile apps have now become ubiquitous. Google has proposed a way to have one app be equal on both web and on mobile devices – Progressive Web Apps. Such apps take advantage of the modern web and browser capabilities to provide a full native app experience on any form factor. Progressive apps load quickly even […]read more »

2016 Design Trends

It will be a year for embedding design patterns into our favorite sites so that interactions feel intuitive across all our devices. Websites now need to be completely and thoughtfully responsive to match user expectations. Specific trends to follow as you jump around the Internet include: Card layouts (like Pinterest, BuzzFeed and Facebook Open Graph) give your users […]read more »

Empowering Innovations within Enterprise Mobility

In a world of fast moving and disruptive technologies, the opportunity to innovate is richest with enterprise mobility. While we all know the overwhelming effect mobility has had on lives of earthly things, challenges with mobile transformations have always piggy backed on the mobility led innovations, and go a long way in creating a sustainable […]read more »