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Using Data to Effectively Create IoT Applications

Video Series Featuring Forrester Part V: Using Data to Effectively Create IoT Applications

The Internet of Things represents the vast array of connected devices that have become a standard part of our everyday world. IoT devices including mobile phones, digital thermostats, wearables, sensors in factory floors, and more all have the ability to generate valuable data that can be used by organizations to create new business opportunities. Mike […]read more »
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Video Series Featuring Forrester, Part IV: Three Steps for Implementing IoT for the Enterprise

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to be one of the biggest technological trends in the digital world. Given that a number of applications have been re-classified as IoT apps, and that mobile phones are considered IoT devices, many organizations have already initiated some level of IoT. When organizations are looking towards implementing or expanding […]read more »
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How to Conquer Fear of “Things” in “Internet of Things”

The Internet of Things (IoT) presents a world in which devices of every shape and size are manufactured with intelligent capabilities that allow them to communicate and interact with other devices, exchange data, make decisions and perform useful tasks. Yet an underlying fear exists about the unknown surrounding what these “things” will actually do. In […]read more »
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Solving Top 4 Problems on Jobsites through the IoT

In recent years the world is waking up to endless possibilities that are presented by the Internet of Things. In fact there isn’t a single industry that hasn’t been affected by IoT and Connected Things. Kuruvilla Mathew, the Chief Innovation Officer at Ness Digital Engineering, has written an article for the portal CONEXPO-CON/AGG, exploring how […]read more »

When Every Car Becomes a “Smart” Car

With more Smart Cars entering the market, the owner is now able to access all the meaningful information that helps improve the overall experience. For example, now a smart car can calculate the trip cost to Vegas by taking into account the current fuel cost or provide information on when the owner should go for […]read more »

Healthcare things are getting better at supporting wellness

One of the many sizable challenges in healthcare today is ensuring that patients are taking care of themselves: taking their medication on time, getting enough sleep, doing what the doctor has advised, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is not unusual, for example, for patients to go off their medication because they ran out, or worse […]read more »

Healthcare Things Are Getting Better At Supporting Wellness

How Internet of Things can improve the quality of life. Mathew Kuruvilla, the Chief Innovation Officer of Ness Digital Engineering has authored an article for IoT Global Network. In the article Kuruvilla sheds light on the technological development that has taken place in healthcare monitoring. And this advancement in the Internet of Things (Health Care of […]read more »
Big Data analytics

Big Data Analytics 101: Why All the Hype?

You can’t pick up a trade magazine these days without seeing an article about Big Data and how companies are anxious to leverage this data for actionable insight. The CTO of ThingsRUs Ltd announces that, thanks to a successful Big Data initiative, customers need to service their Thing only once a year instead of twice. […]read more »
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Internet of Things and Industrial Analytics

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the next wave of innovation impacting the way the world connects and optimizes machines. IIoT, through use of sensors, advanced analytics and intelligent decisioning, will profoundly transform the way field assets connect and communicate with the enterprise. Forrester Research predicts that the market for Big Data will reach […]read more »