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Artificial Intelligence and BPM

Mining the Data Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and BPM for Financial Services

Banks have been at the center of a data explosion for decades and have traditionally aggregated this data in the immediate context, often to solve one business problem at one-point-in-time, in order to stay compliant. Enter Artificial Intelligence (AI)…while not a new term, its use case in banking today speeds what researchers have usually had […]read more »
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Accelerating Enhanced Due Diligence Processes for Banks Using OutsideIQ

As part of our digital engineering initiatives with clients, Ness frequently shares perspective on enabling technologies and the various use cases for which we find solutions are particularly suited. In the financial services sector, Ness has been helping clients implement digital business processes around “Know Your Customer” (KYC) regulations:  banks must verify the identity of […]read more »

Omnichannel for Financial Services – Challenges & Steps to an Effective Strategy

The Banking and Financial Services industry is frequently cited as being at the cutting edge of innovation in technology. Omnichannel is the latest in a long line of such buzzy phrases and one for which each institution must formulate a strategy to stay competitive. Views on what omnichannel actually means are diverse, and there is […]read more »

How can Bitcoin technology disrupt traditional banking?

In a Digital Economy where innovations and disruptions are the order of the day, the mighty banking sector is gradually feeling the heat, with lots of changes taking place behind the hood of traditional banking. One of these changes is “peer-to-peer” banking that obsoletes the traditional role of the bank to act as a mediator […]read more »