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Value of Experience Design for Customer and Employee facing Applications- featuring Forrester Research

Why is experience design important for employee facing applications as well as customer facing applications? Here’s a Ness video featuring Amanda LeClair, Forrester Analyst at Forrester Research, who briefs about why both customer and employee-facing application are essential. The topic of employee experience has really started to pop like the topic of customer experience did […]read more »

Avoiding the Staffing Pyramids of Large IT Firms

Many enterprises rely on software platforms to help deliver their revenue-generating and operational services. It’s part of the digital transformation going on all around us. They often outsource key software projects that provide core capabilities for their business to large IT firms, many based in offshore locations. But, unless you are familiar with how the […]read more »

What’s the Hype with the Prototype? Why and how you should make them

An extremely large amount of time and resources designing can be spent on a project that clients or users discard immediately. Designing a product end-to-end without building in user-validation into the process is asking for trouble. When a strategy or market force drives organizations in a particular direction or supports a seemingly brilliant product concept, […]read more »