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Engineering Automation

Engineering Automation

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Mission to Modernize eGuide

Some days it may feel like your mission to modernize your legacy apps and platforms is more like a mission...

What to Watch: Top Trends Influencing the Digital Future in 2021

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Engineering Automation Cloud Engineering - Insight

A Transformative Year for Automation Getting Things Done Efficiently

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The Role of Automated Testing In Legacy Modernization

Join Webinar on Tuesday, Oct.15 at 10:00 am ET. Hosted by Modern Systems, with guest speaker David Tanacea,...
Engineering Automation Blog post Romania

A Balance between Automation and Empathy

There’s no doubt that automation is a tool for improving overall customer experience, speed, agility,...

Between Automation and Empathy

Automation can enable high frequency, high quality delivery of software but empathy with users is an...
Engineering Automation Blog post Romania

Designing a microservices-based enterprise application

Rajendran Balakrishnan, Senior Manager-QA, Ness Digital Engineering, provide insights into the key principles...
Engineering Automation Blog post Romania

Delivering Services- Between Empathy and Automation

When it comes to delivering services, Agilists embrace the idea of working in iterations which deliver...

What’s Next in Engineering Automation? Top Trends to Watch

As we near the conclusion of 2018, we are also looking ahead at what is advancing in the engineering...
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