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Ride the Next Wave of Growth with Personalized Learning Experiences- Education Sector Series: Part 2

The education industry is poised for a technology revolution. A 2016 report on EdTech Spending states that the global education technology market is expected to grow at 17% to over $250B by 2020. This marks a huge opportunity for education technology services companies to accelerate growth by offering innovative learning solutions and platforms that enable […]read more »
Teachers teaches students on computer

How Can Education Technology Companies Master the Art of Learning Innovation? – Education Sector Series: Part 1

The education industry is getting disrupted at a rapid pace as there is a revolutionary change in the way people learn. And for education technology companies, this represents a world of fresh opportunities and challenges. An increased preference for flexible learning options- virtual classrooms, on-demand videos, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) etc., intensifying competition between […]read more »
Future of Corporate Learning

Embracing the Future of Corporate Learning & Development

Organizational learning is witnessing massive transformations. A phenomenal change led by future technologies, shifts in demographics and changing organizational priorities is disrupting the corporate learning environment and creating a constant competitive necessity to upgrade workforce skillsets. Ness works with some of the largest online education companies and we find that the urgency for organizations to […]read more »

Ensuring Learning Products Are Intelligently Developed

In the current digital economy, the educational sector is fast adapting to new technologies and creating products that are changing the way knowledge is being disseminated. Anand Subramanian, Vice President, Delivery, Ness Digital Engineering, has penned a column for edtech digest, titled “Ensuring learning products are intelligently developed”, where he provides his insight on how […]read more »

The Education Sector – Thriving in Digital Disruption

The wave of digital disruption is cutting across all industries. The education sector, capitalizing on innovative platforms and solutions that keep streaming into the market, is at the forefront of this disruption. Personalized Learning and Learner Analytics are two key domains within the education sector that are superbly taking advantage of new innovative technologies by […]read more »

Enabling Learning in the Digital Era

As the world embraces technology at lightning speed, millennials remain excited about adopting new solutions, while organizations feel compelled to innovate and build platforms that redefine user experience Industries such as retail, banking, financial services, hospitality, travel, automotive, etc. are embracing the Digital Era and are pushing other sectors, such as education, to transform in […]read more »