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Does WebAssembly Solve Performance Problems on the Web?

In every browser, no matter whether it is Chrome or Firefox, code is interpreted and executed by a JavaScript engine, which in turn specifically runs only with JavaScript. Unfortunately, traditional JavaScript is not perfect for every task we want to perform in modern days. While there are times when web applications demand high performance, and expect […]read more »

“Hit Refresh” Moments in the Lives of Individuals and Organizations

We all know how Microsoft as a behemoth of an organization has reinvented itself and is again viewed as a top-rated technology company. I had an opportunity to listen to Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft and Reid Hoffman, well known Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist at the Churchill Club (event on Oct 2nd). […]read more »

Admiration and Modernization: A Lesson from Vacation

Because I love my job, I cannot stop thinking about software engineering even when I am on vacation. My recent holiday in Rajasthan and Varanasi in Northern India provided an opportunity to truly admire some enterprising inventions of the ancient times that are now outdated. I believe this attitude of respectful admiration can help companies […]read more »

APIs – Vehicles to Modernization

Successful companies in the Digital Economy have realized that ‘modernization’ goes beyond porting legacy technologies to a modern programming language. Modernization projects in many enterprises are now focused on strategies like enabling omni channel capabilities, moving from an ‘application’ model to an ‘apps’ model, reducing technical debt due to maintaining multiple application siloes, etc. A […]read more »

Bridging the Digital Economy Deficit

Going digital, embracing innovations in technology, and modernizing and transforming business are imperatives for survival in the Digital Economy. Market dynamics mandate businesses to be innovative, flexible, agile and adopt technological advancements at lightning speed, or face obsolescence. But, ground realities are markedly different. Many businesses are finding it difficult to balance management and digitization […]read more »

Mobile First and Cloud First – A Platform Modernization Strategy

Digital platforms are increasingly becoming important for organizations to deliver business efficiency, reliability, and predictability. Even though newer technologies and trends provide a number of benefits, digital platforms are often difficult to modernize, and slow to deploy completely in-house while business conditions are constantly changing. As a result, Platform Modernization initiatives are continuously challenged with technology led innovations in their […]read more »

Modernizing Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE6) Applications

As organizations look at modernizing their digital business, it is important to retire solutions that have been holding them back – the excuse you hear – to be backward compatible. Solutions that kept backward compatibility with IE6 have been clearly one of them. The applications that are available today perform many functions that were not […]read more »

eCommerce Platforms

As Web has become the most important channel for retail commerce, eCommerce platforms have evolved to support increasing web commerce transactions. First generation of eCommerce platforms helped to get products online and guaranteed secured ordering & transaction on the web. As eCommerce started getting popular, second generation of eCommerce platforms evolved focusing on content management, […]read more »