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Turning the ‘Art of the Possible’ into Reality- featuring Forrester Research

How do you turn the term ‘Art of the Possible’ into a reality? This Ness video featuring Amanda LeClair, Forrester Analyst at Forrester Research discusses ways to turn the term ‘Art of the Possible’ into an actionable plan and also delineates the areas where it works well. Generally, the term ‘Art of the Possible’ is […]read more »

Culture: The Pivotal Factor of Successful Digital Transformation

It’s no secret that digital transformation inevitably involves the adoption of modern technologies such as the Internet of Things, Big Data analytics, and so on. It must also embrace—changing infrastructure, streamlining of business processes and using digital tools to become “customer-centric”. However, to achieve true digital transformation, it is culture that is key. It is […]read more »
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The Power of Ness TechDays Virtual Conference

We’ve just closed the panel discussions and slimmed 67 topic submissions down to 10 speaking slots for the third edition of Ness TechDays, our virtual, technical knowledge exchange conference for Ness employees and customers, to be held in September. I wanted to capture and share some genuine excitement: a hopeful dream has come to life […]read more »

Fostering an Innovative Environment in the Digital Era

To help our partners unleash their maximum potential in a disruptive digital economy, Ness Digital Engineering recently established a new technology and innovation team headed by Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Moshe Kranc. I am leading the innovation initiatives as part of the Office of the CTO. Under the CTO Office, innovation is driven as a meaningful and […]read more »

Disruptive Innovation – Placing Business Models Before Technology

Digital disruption is a reality today. The bigger players that dominated the scene using their monolithic approach to building products are now looking for ways to be more nimble, reach their customers faster and to exponentially enhance the Customer Experience (CX). The focus on ‘CX’ has tilted the center of gravity back to ‘Content’ and […]read more »