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JavaScript AngularJS framework

Representation of large corporate data in HTML tables under JavaScript AngularJS framework

In corporate or enterprise platforms, the representation of tabular data in single-page web apps is a common occurrence. There are challenges with the amount of data rows, the variety of data types, and number of simultaneous columns enterprise users wish to see. In addition, the perceived performance of tabular data in a client-side web application […]read more »
Big Data

Machine Learning and Data Analytics

Today many organizations collect data from their online transactions –  server logs, basket contents, user sessions and more. Much of this is collected and stored automatically, without a clear rationale as to how it will be used. The thinking being that as long as all data is collected, then one day it can be exploited […]read more »

The Nomadic Nature of Data

Unfortunately for most businesses, there is no promised land for Data: no single end location that provides everything your organization needs to unleash the potential of its data assets. Data is inherently nomadic, and the notion of storing data, either in a centralized store or decentralized stores, is constantly evolving to support business and technology […]read more »

Big Data 101 – The Rise and Fall of Greenplum

Last time we explored Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) databases as a way to run SQL queries on Big Data at Rest. One of the leading commercial products in this category is Pivotal’s Greenplum, which, at its peak, achieved annual revenues of over $100 million. The rise and fall of this product provides an illustrative lesson […]read more »