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Data & Analytics Data & Analytics - Insight

Unifying and Managing Your Customer Data with Salesforce

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Data & Analytics AWS - Insight

Ness Accelerates Industry Cloud Strategy for Financial Services with Acquisition of Risk Focus

Ness, a global provider of Digital Transformation solutions and a portfolio company of The Rohatyn Group...
Data & Analytics Cloud Engineering - Insight

Technology and Sustainability: Innovating for a Better Future

Earth Day encourages us to reflect on the subject of sustainability; however, it's an important subject...
Data & Analytics Cloud Engineering - Insight

Ness Wins CEE Business Services Award

Ness, a global provider of digital transformation solutions, is honored to announce its Ness Romania...
Data & Analytics AWS - Insight

Mission to Modernize eGuide

Some days it may feel like your mission to modernize your legacy apps and platforms is more like a mission...
Data & Analytics Cloud Engineering - Insight

Digital Transformation – Essential Elements for Success

In a recent interview with Top Company Guide, Berthold Puchta, Global Industry Lead Manufacturing &...
Data & Analytics AWS - Case Study


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Data & Analytics Cloud Engineering - Insight

Predictive Analytics: Taking the Unpredictability Out of Decision-Making

Predictive analytics enables companies to predict events ahead of time, allowing for quick and efficient...
Data & Analytics AWS - Insight

What to Watch: Top Trends Influencing the Digital Future in 2021

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