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Internet of Things and Industrial Analytics

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a wave of innovation impacting the way the world connects and optimizes machines. IIoT, through use of sensors, advanced analytics and intelligent decisioning, is profoundly transforming the way field assets connect and communicate with the enterprise. Forrester Research reports that the market for Big Data was approximately $31 […]read more »

The Quest for Data Scientists and The Impact of “Instant Data Science” Products

Today’s world is built on data; each digital transaction, interaction and activity generates and captures voluminous amount of data per day, which in turn holds meaningful information on behaviors, preferences, trends and forecasts. Many companies want data experts and are willing to pay a high price for the right candidates. These hard-to-find experts are responsible […]read more »

The Rising Importance of Predictive Analytics

As big data continues to grow in demand, it is tough for organizations to make predictions about their future business outcomes and trends based on their historical data. With interactive and easy-to-use software becoming more prevalent, predictive analytics is no longer an option for business analysts and line-of-business experts, but a necessity. Organizations today are […]read more »
airline overbooking problem

How Data Analytics Can Solve the Airline Overbooking Problem?

It is interesting to see how data analytics helps solve real business problems, and its benefits extends to a wide range of industries. Consider the airlines industry, which has been facing flak because of frequent instances of overbooked flights and is consequently looking for better ways to intelligently handle such scenarios without affecting an airline’s […]read more »
Real-Time Analytics

A Real-Time Analytics Framework for Better Online Retail Customer Experiences

Real-time analytics has the power to transform businesses offering actionable insights that enable faster, precise and more effective decisions. But the effectiveness of real-time analytics is largely dependent on the availability of data. To draw business insights using analytics, companies require a structured decision process with predefined logic and real-time access to data. Let me […]read more »
Big Data Initiative

SQL and Big Data

Background and Need Enterprises are filled with structured and semi-structured data generated by all sorts of transactional applications. Much of that data is increasingly finding its way into Hadoop clusters for analytics because of Hadoop’s flexibility and the inexpensive, linear scalability of its compute and storage. To extract insights from this data, enterprises often build […]read more »
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Data Federation – A Way forward for Enterprises for effective Data Consolidation & Cost Reduction

Current Challenges: Data movement for any organization has always been an expensive process. All or most of the projects involve movement of data from one system to another, usually from external systems. Every company is thinking through various approaches to solve this issue, where physical data movement is reduced while still providing the end user […]read more »
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Detecting Drug Incompatibility Indicators within Big Data

The World Health Organization and individual countries maintain reports of adverse drug reactions. These datasets are used to assess adverse drug reactions, often by comparing occurrences of these expressed in ratios for all the drugs listed. In the US, openFDA has a total of 5.9 million entries in the FDA Adverse Effect Reporting System. Adverse effects […]read more »