Digital Transformation & Software Engineering Services

BPM is for All Company Sizes – Target the Right Opportunities and Implement the Right Way

Historically Business Process Management (BPM) solutions have primarily been targeted at large enterprises. Smaller organizations have not invested as heavily due to perceived high costs and unknown value. However, BPM is a valuable tool for almost any business. To realize its potential benefits, it needs to be applied to the right opportunities and in the […]read more »
Artificial Intelligence and BPM

Mining the Data Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and BPM for Financial Services

Banks have been at the center of a data explosion for decades and have traditionally aggregated this data in the immediate context, often to solve one business problem at one-point-in-time, in order to stay compliant. Enter Artificial Intelligence (AI)…while not a new term, its use case in banking today speeds what researchers have usually had […]read more »