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Big Data

Machine Learning and Data Analytics

Today many organizations collect data from their online transactions –  server logs, basket contents, user sessions and more. Much of this is collected and stored automatically, without a clear rationale as to how it will be used. The thinking being that as long as all data is collected, then one day it can be exploited […]read more »

Big Data Analytics with Clickstream

Clickstream is the route visitors choose when navigating through any given website. It’s a collection of events collected on the pages visited, products viewed, items searched for a given user. The data from clickstream is one facet of many that provide valuable insights on assessing performance of multi-channel marketing. Data mining of click paths caters […]read more »

Data Scoring in Hadoop

The purpose of huge amount of data in Hadoop is of course to derive actionable insights that will help digital businesses to monetize and stay competitive. Scoring the data is a pretty common exercise in determining standard predictors such as customer churns, fraud detections, risk mitigations, product and price optimization, sentiment tracking, etc. Traditionally, data scoring has […]read more »
omnichannel strategies

Embracing the Omnichannel Strategy

By now the concept of Omnichannel is not as foreign as it used to be. In fact, Omnichannel is one of the key areas while formulating a digital strategy especially within B2C contextualization. Historically the interaction between customers and business was one-way, until the onset of social media ecommerce and of mobile technologies which have […]read more »

Ness Digital Engineering Expert Explores Big Data For Business World

Dharmendra Kapadia provides insight on next generation Big Data analysis ​​Big companies across the world have come to realize the importance of Big Data in this digital economy. Dharmendra Kapadia, Senior Direction, Solutioning, Ness Digital Engineering has authored an article on the emergence and the importance of Big Data for Business World, one of the biggest […]read more »