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Big Data Analytics with Clickstream

Clickstream is the route visitors choose when navigating through any given website. It’s a collection of events collected on the pages visited, products viewed, items searched for a given user. The data from clickstream is one facet of many that provide valuable insights on assessing performance of multi-channel marketing. Data mining of click paths caters […]read more »

Improving Loss Prevention in Retail Stores by Applying Swarm Intelligence

In Retail, theft and intentional damage to merchandise is a common problem. Retailers have several loss-prevention solutions in place, but theft still occurs as shoplifters find new ways to steal a product or even part of a product. Monitoring systems at retail stores use traditional video surveillance where the person behind the camera determines unusual behavior […]read more »

Ness Digital Engineering Expert Explores Big Data For Business World

Dharmendra Kapadia provides insight on next generation Big Data analysis ​​Big companies across the world have come to realize the importance of Big Data in this digital economy. Dharmendra Kapadia, Senior Direction, Solutioning, Ness Digital Engineering has authored an article on the emergence and the importance of Big Data for Business World, one of the biggest […]read more »