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AI and Data analytics

Why AI and Big Data Analytics Make an Inseparable Pair

Unless we’ve been living under a rock, we likely are aware that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is one of the fastest growing technology segments. How to keep pace with this technology advancement is a major question being discussed in corporate boardrooms. This article discusses why AI and big data analytics are an important pairing. For businesses […]read more »

What AI Means for the Emerging Economies

With the revolutionary changes brought about by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, it is now possible for us to imagine different scenarios that were previously unthinkable. With machines in manufacturing units giving service notifications to refrigerators suggesting grocery lists, our lives are getting radically changed. This change is also significantly evident across various businesses and industries. […]read more »
Artificial Intelligence Culture

Building a Data-driven and Artificial Intelligence Culture in the Enterprise: A Winning Formula

At Ness, our enterprise customers are eager to explore their hidden treasure in the data that they have generated over the years. Market research shows a growing demand for data monetization, and estimates that the Big Data market will be $125B (USA, including hardware, software and services) by 2025 [Source: Million Insights]. In 2014, Big Data […]read more »
Artificial Intelligence

Steps to Gear Up for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a hype or science fiction, it is a reality organizations are waking up to. For businesses, AI holds immense potential to transform human productivity, enhance revenue and accelerate innovation. Yet an important question facing many organizations is – how to gear up for AI adoption. AI, in simple terms, […]read more »

What will Artificial Intelligence Achieve Next?

Has the time come for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to officially become the master of humanity? Recently, one of the top Go players in the world, Lee Sedol, was resolutely beaten by Google’s AlphaGo, a computer that uses Artificial Intelligence. Out of the five games that were played, the program only lost out on one game. […]read more »