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Accessibility Test Automation

In this current era of digital innovation, making an application inclusive for the differently abled should be considered paramount. Global regulatory compliances for accessibility ensure that standards are followed when making applications accessible to one and all. Accessible applications obviously establish themselves firmly into the market and often have wider reach in comparison to an […]read more »

Continous Integration in Agile Development

Traditional software development methods don’t suggest how frequently or regularly you integrate the entire source on a project. Programmers can work separately for hours, days, or even weeks on the same source without realizing how many conflicts / defects they have introduced. However, in today’s world of agile adaptations for software delivery, Continuous Integration (CI) […]read more »
adaptive agile delivery

Using Lean Agile and Customer Feedback to Accelerate Releases

Traditionally, companies have designed products based on what we feel people will like / want to use, spending months, sometimes years listing down features and articulating needs that have not yet been field verified. Over the years, even successful products have prioritized complex features that hardly anybody uses over features that are more popular and […]read more »

Early Automation

This is the third post in our series on test automation With the software industry going Agile in a big way and the emergence of digital technology, testing is no longer a “later stage” activity. Rather, testing has to remain hand in hand with development, ensuring “done-ness” at all times. Agile requires that tests for […]read more »

Are you wearing your Scarf?

Almost 90 to 95% EDCs we have at Ness follow agile principles. We can sense that Agile principles emphasise more on “People” (I find that atleast 6 out of 12 Agile principles are related to “People”). Here, “People” comprise EDC Team(s), customer’s engineering, management members and executives. EDCs have people from different backgrounds & culture, […]read more »