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Success with ServiceNow HR Case Management: Leading Financial Services Firm Delivers a Modern HR Call Center

The Objective

To compensate with its growth, management decided to open a call center with call-tracking capability for its human resources department. The individuals behind the plan believed it could help to boost the overall satisfaction of the company’s associates. In order for the call center to be truly successful, they also had to be able to gather metrics that could be analyzed to minimize the number of calls into the future. The disruption of not knowing where to find answers had the potential to frustrate employees, so the team wanted to make sure it knew how to anticipate similar calls and provide services that satisfied a recurring need. In this same vein, another challenge facing this organization was how to provide opportunity for cost optimization and improved operational efficiency as its staff used the service portal.

This leading financial services firm contacted Ness because its IT department was in the process of rolling out its IT service portal, which Ness had built. This group felt that it could leverage ServiceNow’s HR module and work with us to support the short timeframe in which it wanted to roll out the call center.

The Strategy

Ness chose to present our customer with an accelerated ServiceNow HR solution because it is preconfigured based on industry best practices, enabling our team to meet the requested turnaround time. We had already configured several designs for other HR organizations that the company could leverage, since the company provided its categorization structure, notification text and assignment group names.

When we began, with the help of our customer’s team we identified full adoption and lack of process as the main obstacles, mainly as a result of the compressed timeline. While we were on-site, our customer decided it would be best to expand the scope to have members of second-tier support be among the first to use the tool. Thus, we were able to begin the discussion and train some of them during scheduled sessions. This began the process of familiarizing them with ServiceNow, resulting in an opportunity for full adoption by the time the call center moved past the soft opening.

The Results

One month after contacting Ness, our customer’s HR department went live with ServiceNow HR Case and Knowledge Management, opening its new call center with case-management capabilities in place. We were able to meet the short timeframe given the depth of our understanding of HR operations and our pre-built accelerated solution. With a few small adjustments, our solution enables a Tier I center to log a case and attempt resolution using the knowledge base. If first-tier specialists are unable to do this, they can open a task to Tier II, which can perform any required follow-up activities and follow the case from its inception through closure. As a result, this project enabled the firm with:

  • Call tracking capability for a new call center
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Metrics that can be utilized for improvement planning

This project extended far beyond a cookie-cutter implementation to help the firm modernize and successfully launch their HR call center.