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Stages of the Content Supply Chain -Vlog- Part 2

Previously in Part 1 of this vlog series, Focazio describes how Media & Data make Content, and how Ness’s Video Distribution Platform (VDP) is really a “Content Data Platform.”

In this Part 2 video, Martin explains the steps involved in producing a constant supply of content required to operate in a digital era. The simplest content supply chain includes a wide range of activities:

  • Originate
  • Prepare
  • Package
  • Distribute
  • Measure
  • Monetize

While these steps sound simple, they are very complex when put into action.  To learn more about the stages of the Content supply chain watch the video:

In part 3 of this Vlog series, we will explore how AI/ML, Data and Automation (AMDA) enhance or operate a content supply chain.