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Solving Top 4 Problems on Jobsites through the IoT

Solving Top 4 Problems on Jobsites through the IoT

Banner-Ad-for-Blog-page-1--Digital-ServicesIn recent years the world is waking up to endless possibilities that are presented by the Internet of Things. In fact there isn’t a single industry that hasn’t been affected by IoT and Connected Things. Kuruvilla Mathew, the Chief Innovation Officer at Ness Digital Engineering, has written an article for the portal CONEXPO-CON/AGG, exploring how IoT will affect and improve experiences at jobsites. He details how it can help create elegant solutions that can solve problems that are regularly faced in working environments.

In the article he notes, “One of the biggest challenges on jobsites is completing construction on time and on budget. This is especially true today, as most commercial jobs not only require aggressive timelines, but also carry penalties if the job is not completed as scheduled. But there is a path forward, and it starts by incorporating new the IoT (Internet of Things) technologies into the everyday workflow on a jobsite. These new advances can help reduce inefficiencies that add up to lost time and money for contractors.”

He then goes on to explain the top problems that often plague jobsites and also provides in-depth analysis on how IoT technologies can address them.

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