Digital Transformation & Software Engineering Services

Helping clients minimize the costs and risks
of regulatory compliance through
data-driven, risk mitigation solutions

Ness helps its clients more effectively collect, curate, distribute, and analyze data, paired with sophisticated fraud solutions and AI/ML techniques, to scale compliance coverage through automation and significantly improve their ability to detect and manage risk.

Client Challenges We Solve

RG 1
How can we use fraud detection models to better mitigate negative behavior before we incur risk?
RG 2
How can we expedite the implementation of our AML deployment and maximize its value?
RG 3
What technologies can reduce manual, repetitive work, so our team can focus where personal intervention is most critical?
RG 4
How can we determine the optimal levels of fraud detection and minimize false positives?
RG 5
In what ways can we use case management results to update risk models?

Ness Reg-Tech Solutions

Fraud Detection: Using Machine Learning and Neural Network technologies, coupled with existing fraud detection solutions, Ness helps clients identify risky behaviors that don’t get caught by traditional risk models and respond to tomorrow’s threats

Know Your Customer:
Ness creates enhanced Know Your Customer (KYC) capabilities that increase the quality, scope and relevance of KYC data, while reducing the time required for data collection

Anti-Money Laundering:
Ness maximizes the value of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solutions by increasing the quality and breadth of the data they leverage, including more effective capabilities in data collection, ingestion, curation, distribution, and governance

Work In Action: Solutions for Reg-Tech


Ness engineered an AML solution that is deployed at top global banks. Our expertise can help maximize the value of AML solutions and greatly expedite the go-live deployment.


Ness collaborated with a client to create a best practices Know Your Customer solution that captured and maintained data to track every participant in its business across its entire customer-to-production supply chain. This enabled an accurate relay of information for all business-related needs, including to regulatory authorities and the press.


Ness can help companies use Machine Learning intelligence to optimize risk models, apply case management results to update models, and future proof solutions with self-learning technology.

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