Digital Transformation & Software Engineering Services

Efficiently and effectively create,
distribute, and monetize content
throughout its lifecycle

Ness helps companies capture more value from the content they generate by strategically applying experience design, digital engineering, data analytics, and automation in a coherent manner across an expanding range of channels and devices.

Client Challenges We Solve

How can our organization scale and reach a broader market with its content?
What value-added content can our company offer to generate additional attention and revenue?
How can we better track revenue and manage revenue leakage from content coming across multiple channels?
In what ways can we use content to increase information sharing, innovative thinking, and employee productivity?
How can we reduce time-consuming rights management processes and the risk of violating content rights and regulations?

Ness Content Solutions

Playout: Developing and integrating platforms to deliver live video, streaming, and on-demand content to audiences with Ness’s Video Distribution Platform solution accelerator

Defining a market and audience segmentation strategy and applying Experience Design and Machine Learning across channels to improve content targeting and increase customer loyalty

Rights Management:
Modernizing rights management processes, data infrastructure, and workflows to increase the transparency, accuracy, and coverage of rights-managed content from the company and its partners

Envisioning and implementing new revenue streams using existing content and data about that content and by combining information in new ways to create digital products and services

Work In Action: Solutions for Content


We collaborated with an entertainment platform company to re-architect business processes and automate data collection, content tagging, and curation of content. The solution enabled accelerated platform releases and increased viewer consumption across platforms and geographies.


We helped a media company develop a high-volume, Big Data & Analytics solution to facilitate content monetization, better track royalties, and more effectively manage digital rights. The solution led to improved company-artist relations and reduced costs.


We helped a client increase its global reach by building a pioneering, multi-channel, media broadcast platform (including content ingestion, content and rights management, playout and billing) to further monetize its digital media and sell content to new audience segments.

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