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ServiceNow Madrid Overview

the ServiceNow Madrid Release is packed with innovation. Digital transformation is taken to the next level with a powerful mobile experience comparable to consumer experiences – everyday work becomes user first and user friendly.

Complete the form to view our webinar featuring an overview of the ServiceNow Madrid release.  It’s all about productivity and delivering great experiences for your employees and your customers.  In this webinar, we will review:

  • ServiceNow Mobile Studio – simple, modular development to the mobile platform for ServiceNow applications
  • Agent Workspace – fast and proactive issue resolution
  • Analytics Hub – self-service data analysis, future performance predictions, trend identification in a modern, interactive platform for ServiceNow data
  • SecOps Continuous Risk Monitoring – identify and define Key Risk Indicators, along with dashboards for a real-time risk review picture
  • SAP Publisher Pack – optimize licensing costs and mitigate the risk of non-compliance licensing
  • Advance Work Assignment – push chats and cases directly to auto-assigned agents

Please click here to watch the webinar.