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ServiceNow London Webinar Demo

Think about the modern experiences that you encounter every day – you order a ride at the push of a button, or even have your favorite meal delivered with ease. Now take those same experiences and imagine if your everyday workplace challenges could be solved with just a few clicks too! Creating a modern workplace experience is key to employee satisfaction and retention, while also increasing efficiency and productivity. With the ServiceNow London release, delivering modern experiences is at the forefront!

View our recorded demo featuring several aspects of London in action. By using cloud-based AI, London resolves problems faster and creates an intuitive experience for employees. In our webinar, we will review:

  • Virtual Agent– a unique chatbot application that takes chat from conversation to resolution
  • Walk-up Experience– employees sign up remotely and walk-up to the IT help desk in time for their turn based on live queue updates
  • Employee Document Management– employee documents can be managed electronically, boosting efficiency and supporting security and compliance

Please click here to watch the webinar.