Ness is a recognized expert in Agile development, engineering high-performance platforms at scale with roadmaps that increase platform value over time. We think ahead about the most effective opportunities to integrate the entire system — front-end, middleware, back-end, partner APIs — with the right balance of efficiency and flexibility, so that the whole functions more powerfully than the sum of the parts.

Cloud & Platform Engineering solutions


Developing scalable, global platforms, including omnichannel solutions and custom platform development; Cloud-native platform development with PaaS-based platforms, microservices, containers, and DevOps; new technology adoption via Proofs of Concept and capabilities such as conversational interfaces; and productionizing Data Science platforms to make Machine Learning ready for real-world use


Facilitating identity and access management; building API-driven applications; and re-architecting application integrations using an API strategy


Migrating and re-platforming applications to the Cloud to improve scalability and flexibility; re-architecting or decoupling the user interface (UI) from the application core to enable faster UI refresh and a better user experience


Managing and evolving software platforms, including Level 2 and 3 support, application sustenance consolidation; LiveOps management for cloud applications; and WebOps support for ecommerce applications

Client challenges that we solve

  • How can we accelerate platform development with high-quality outcomes?
  • What platform architecture options will help us best meet our business objectives?
  • How can we minimize risk while we modernize our applications?
  • In what ways can we integrate legacy and new systems to improve business process flexibility?
  • How can we best iterate our current solutions to keep pace with market needs?

Work in Action

Modernizing a payments platform

We modernized a client’s core payment platform, including automating merchant onboarding processes to accelerate time to revenue, adding features to its digital marketing platform to support internationalization, and integrating new payment methods to serve new consumers. The modernized platform processes transactions faster and distributes workload to reduce risk.

Implementing a PaaS strategy

We helped an international retailer with platform modernization, advanced data (clickstream) analytics, and rapid prototyping of solutions to identify and increase conversion of higher margin, cross-sell opportunities. Ness also implemented a Platform-as-a-Service strategy to facilitate application integration with other major retail systems, which reduced operation and maintenance costs for supporting complementary platforms.

Building a media broadcast platform

We helped a client increase its global reach by building a pioneering, multi-channel, media broadcast platform (including ingest, content and rights management, playout and billing) to further monetize its digital media and sell content to new audience segments. We also developed low latency designs, next-generation search, and partner APIs to improve the overall customer experience.

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