To enable digital transformation, organizations are embracing modern software development approaches to accelerate time to market and improve quality results. Ness Digital Engineering appreciates that Agile & DevOps methodologies are not simple tools, but rather processes that require planning and tailoring to a client’s specific environment, skillsets, and products in order to be successful.

Together with our clients, we assess, offer recommendations, and implement these methods via real programs, not standalone coaching, to ensure adoption and use is truly sustainable.

We bring this Agile thinking into everything we do. Our clients value the speed of an iterative roadmap to get minimum viable products (MVPs) to market, using a clear methodology and constant feedback throughout the process. Ness was an early adopter of Distributive Agile, which enables us to engage the best-fit engineering talent from our colleagues around the globe. Ness brings not only these technical capabilities, but also valuable organizational experience to help drive important culture changes to support Agile and DevOps methods.

Agile & DevOps expertise, integrated tools, and program metrics

Agile Product Engineering  

Ness is a recognized expert in Agile development, engineering high-performance platforms at scale with roadmaps that increase platform value over time. Our process aligns distributed teams with business objectives and implements collaborative governance processes. Use of Agile tools, practices and workflows that allow designers and engineers to quickly iterate results in greater predictability, productivity and product quality​.

DevOps Expertise 

Ness adopted DevOps methods early on to bring rapid, continuous improvement across product lifecycles. Our DevOps methodologies include Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), Continuous Testing, Continuous Planning, Experimentation & Continuous Monitoring. 

Integrated Tool-Chain & Dashboards 

A tightly-threaded set of development tools provides instantaneous status updates and a “single view of truth”. Centralized dashboards with role-based views of data from every tool and every team measure progress and identify challenges as early as possible.

Process, Technical & Quality Metrics 

Together, we identify metrics that best apply to your business objectives and engineering and product maturity. We then create a comprehensive program that gives you a detailed picture of development effectiveness and facilitates continuous improvement across the organization.

Work in Action

Modernizing a payments platform

We modernized a client’s core payment platform, including automating merchant onboarding processes to accelerate time to revenue, adding features to its digital marketing platform to support internationalization, and integrating new payment methods to serve new consumers. The modernized platform processes transactions faster and distributes workload to reduce risk.

Implementing a PaaS strategy

We helped an international retailer with platform modernization, advanced data (clickstream) analytics, and rapid prototyping of solutions to identify and increase conversion of higher margin, cross-sell opportunities. Ness also implemented a Platform-as-a-Service strategy to facilitate application integration with other major retail systems, which reduced operation and maintenance costs for supporting complementary platforms.

Building a media broadcast platform

We helped a client increase its global reach by building a pioneering, multi-channel, media broadcast platform (including ingest, content and rights management, playout and billing) to further monetize its digital media and sell content to new audience segments. We also developed low latency designs, next-generation search, and partner APIs to improve the overall customer experience.

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Ness likes to work collaboratively with its customers, so please ask us questions if you would like to learn more about our services. We look forward to answering them.
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