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Riding The Razor’s Edge between Legacy Modernization & Digital Transformation


Companies fall short of their newer and more agile counterparts due to a major roadblock — legacy systems. Unfortunately, simply adding a digital frontend on top of a mainframe legacy system is not a simple task. The required timeframe to develop and release new features on top of an existing monolithic legacy architecture is also lengthy, and businesses can suffer by way of slow forward progress. Most CIOs are well-aware of the existential threat of a slow transformation.

In an article for TechHQ, David Tanacea, Chief Domains Officer, Ness Digital Engineering & Barry Tait, Director of Modernization and Cloud Strategies, Modern Systems share insights about identifying the ideal path for a legacy transformation project. The article highlights how organizations can reduce their risk associated with aging technology and focus on growing their businesses via access to newer, elastic IT methods.

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