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Ride the Next Wave of Growth with Personalized Learning Experiences- Education Sector Series: Part 2

The education industry is poised for a technology revolution. A 2016 report on EdTech Spending states that the global education technology market is expected to grow at 17% to over $250B by 2020. This marks a huge opportunity for education technology services companies to accelerate growth by offering innovative learning solutions and platforms that enable personalized learning experiences.

However, a major challenge for these companies is to be able develop new products, and maintain the right balance between modernizing existing revenue-generating products and developing new ones for business expansion– and getting them to market quickly.

Ness works with some of the largest education technology companies and helps them create a roadmap for accelerating their pace of change with platforms focused on delivering improved learning experiences and successful outcomes. Here are some of the examples of our recent work in the education sector:

Measuring Learning Efficacy: To maximize learning and identify improvement areas, Ness helped a client develop a suite of tests that assess knowledge in math, reading and writing for students preparing to enroll in college-level courses. The product is used to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses in each subject area and to help them improve their skills by presenting relevant, interactive content through online learning tools.

New Learning Product for Professionals: Ness helped a client significantly improve user satisfaction with a new interactive, learning solution for technology professionals. Ness developed a simulation that enables network administrators to practice creating network solutions via hundreds of structured lab scenarios, including detailed instructions, topology diagrams, critical-thinking questions, hints, and answers.

Improving Product Accessibility and Scale: For a leading virtual school and learning platform provider with millions of active users, Ness developed a mobile app for its flagship product and transformed its customer-facing Web platform. Ness helped another client improve the overall user experience, availability and response time of an online learning platform which resulted in increased customer satisfaction and enabled the product to handle 200% more concurrent users. Ness also has extensive experience in software quality and accessibility testing.

The future of education looks radically different in the next five years. Technology advancements like augmented reality, machine learning etc. backed by consumer preference for on-demand information access and personalized experiences, and a new workplace culture that demands continuous learning makes it extremely vital for education technology providers to look for innovative product offerings to help their customers connect with a different generation of learners.

Working with a partner like Ness which has the domain expertise and digital technology capabilities can help you stay ahead of your competitors in the transforming education landscape and stay closely aligned with the changing needs of the industry.

Read more about how Ness can help you create a roadmap to drive the digital disruption in education. https://ness.com/work-in-action/industries/#1453153709885-0bd58f3e-83e5