Case Study


The Challenge

ReserveBar, the leading e-commerce platform for luxury and super-premium spirits, champagne, and wine, leverages two core eCommerce platforms to facilitate the placement of orders and logistics fulfillment.

The data was accessible only via screens and CSV downloads provided by these transactional systems, which severely restricted ReserveBar’s ability to perform any computes or analysis.

To remit their suppliers, ReserveBar operations had to perform a series of complex computations manually on MS Excel sheets after downloading the data. This process was labor-intensive and susceptible to human error, a roadblock in their ability to scale the business.

The Solution

ReserveBar partnered with Ness for data platform modernization and determine the best solution and development path that aligned with their overall goals and vision. It was imperative that ReserveBar needed their own copy of the data in a warehouse on the cloud, and AWS Redshift was a natural choice.

Within one month, Ness built an Amazon Redshift data repository from scratch using Python and open-source accelerators to ingest data using REST APIs provided by ReserveBar’s eCommerce platforms, Shopify, LogicBroker, and Google Analytics. Ness also used AWS-S3 to ingest larger volumes of data.

During the envisioning process, ReserveBar identified data quality as an important business driver. Ness placed a particular emphasis on data quality checks and enrichment pipelines using a combination of Python and PostGreSQL stored procedures in Amazon Redshift.

Ness also leveraged MS Power BI to replace downloads from LogicBroker, creating interactive dashboards designed to improve visibility and drive business results.

The Results

The data platform modernization effort yielded good results. A previously laborious payment reconciliation process that involved multiple, complicated spreadsheets and days of effort is now on the road to full automation.

ReserveBar’s new platform brings in data from multiple sources with complex formats and applies enrichment pipelines, thereby eliminating manual processes and potential errors. Not only is essential data centralized, but ReserveBar can derive maximum value from their data. Speed of execution and data quality were key factors in achieving ReserveBar’s goals of elevating their level of customer service experience and supporting the company’s accelerated growth.

“I engaged Ness as I knew of their work in data platform modernization and strong capabilities with our chosen technology partners. The efforts we have put forth over the past few months will enable ReserveBar to reach new heights of efficiency while supporting customer service excellence,” said Dave Tanacea, CTO at ReserveBar.

“We’re proud to support ReserveBar’s transformation journey and help them realize immediate business results. At Ness, we place great value in developing a collaboration between our clients and technology partners to help drive data modernization and improve the relevance of organizational data,” said Surajit Mitra, Lead Architect, Data & Analytics Practice at Ness.


What is the database used by Amazon Redshift?

Amazon Redshift uses a open source databases called PostgreSQL.

Is Amazon Redshift a database or data warehouse?

It is a data warehouse optimized for storing and querying large structured data volumes.

What does Amazon redshift do?

It is a cloud-based data warehousing service that allows users to store and analyze structured data using SQL.

Is Redshift good for small datasets?

Amazon Redshift is good for large datasets and not for small datasets.