Streaming Architectures Are
Enabling Industry Transformation


Changes in operational models and resource allocation are part of a generational shift toward event-based streaming architectures that:

Provide elasticity and scale
Meet latency and data-variation needs
Provide real-time access to data and analytics
Enable data monetization and faster product development

Ness Re-Orchestration

Re-Orchestration Delivers Value at

Every Step of Modernization

Why Re-Orchestrate with Ness

Re-orchestration is a data-first migration approach for Digital Transformation which avoids a “Big Bang” by re-orchestrating our clients’ existing business logic leveraging streaming architectures.


Successful Re-orchestration projects require a modern approach to building infrastructure, a detailed business domain knowledge to extract business logic, and a deep understanding of legacy technologies.

Modernization Blockers

Financial Services Faces Pressure to Modernize

From Customers

Growing customer expectations

From The Market

Respond to volatility and Increase profitability

From Regulators

Evolving regulatory and compliance needs

But Are Being Held Back by Legacy Technology

Legacy tech lacks the agility banks need to deploy new business functions and reduce time to market

The high costs associated with legacy reduces budgets for innovation and experimentation

Core business processes and core business data are locked in, preventing banks from deriving value from their data assets using machine learning

The technical complexity of legacy slows down development and makes it difficult to find experienced specialists

Re-Orchestration –

The 7th “R” of Migration

Re-factor / Re-architect

Re-Orchestration Results

Cost Savings

“Storage footprints slashed by 50%”

”Avoided regulatory fines”


“Trade processing times improved by 1800x”

“Data ingestion rates increased by 8x”

Business Agility

“Consistent response times during peak”

“Releases reduced from days to hours”

Data Visibility

“Real Time Data Visibility”

“Consolidation of Data for AI/ML”

Re-Orchestration Projects

Increasing efficiency of data ingestion while leveraging historic data to launch new products

A multi-year technology-modernization initiative to provide more timely investment decisions

Major Clearing Corp.

Full re-orchestration of risk management system from end-of-day to near-real-time and intraday

Global Exchange

Modularize a 30-year-old platform to facilitate merger-driven data integration initiative

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation
with Our Business Domain Knowledge, Technology Expertise,
and Agile Delivery Process.