The Quest for Data Scientists and The Impact of “Instant Data Science” Products

Today’s world is built on data; each digital transaction, interaction and activity generates and captures voluminous amount of data per day, which in turn holds meaningful information on behaviors, preferences, trends and forecasts. Many companies want data experts and are willing to pay a high price for the right candidates. These hard-to-find experts are responsible for unlocking insights and translating them into business value.

Moshe Kranc, Chief Technology Officer at Ness Digital Engineering, has authored a column for Datanami, titled “Instant Data Science.” This insightful article explores why good data scientists are difficult to locate and explains how the shortage may soon be alleviated by “Instant Data Science” products. “No wonder good data scientists are hard to find! The profession requires a wide variety of skills, as well as the intuition and experience to know how to put insights together,” states Kranc. Learn how “Instant Data Science” tools are beginning to automate the solution of data science problems. View full article:

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